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Believer (Nightcore/remix/female version) | GLMV (read desc)

Believer (Nightcore/remix/female version) | GLMV (read desc)

Uploader: _Candy Sunset_

Size: 3.57 MB

Duration: 2:36

Date: November 17, 2018

Hi guys!!!! Hope you enjoyed the video and my new intro!!! Love ya guys bye!!! than you all for your support it means so much to me!!!!

This video was made for fun and the genre is fantasy and a bit of actions.

Notes UwU ↓ (made on 19/5/2019)

•About the demon thing (if your fine with me being a demon when im not actually a demon then you dont need to read this) ~ ok i really don't understand what is wrong with being a demon (this vid is just for entertainment and as i said the genre is fantasy meaning none of this is real) *sigh* listen first things first this is literally just a glmv and this isnt real and im not a actually a demon, second thing second this is just a video, like come on if you think this is real, and last things last... Why do you have to hate? im sorry for being a bit rude, but im fed up... Stop telling me that i shouldnt be a demon, when ik i shouldn't be a demon, cause im not... Just please stop.. if you dislike me being a demon then dont watch the video because it was clear in the title that there was gonna' be a demon, why are you telling me to stop when other people are doing it as well? i mean luni didnt make gacha and put demon stuff there to just look at, thank you for listening and have a nice day (all hate or just comments complaining/talking about the demon thing that are saying rude things will be removed for obvious reasons) bye, im sorry if you dont like my using the demon stuff and i hope you can accept my apology im just really upset that you guys are complaing/hating about me using it... sorry :(

•about the presets that i used as bullies presets (if your fine with me using presets then you dont need to read this) ~ Let me get thing straight yes ik i was a bit lazy for using the preset characters for the bullies in the videos, the thing is why are you complaining at me it's not like im the only one who has used presets once or twice im sure their are many other people who have used presets before, but there isnt a law against using the presets! It wouldnt be much of a preset if you wasnt allowed to use it, i understand you may dislike me using the presets and i regret using them as well but please understand that this video was made a long time ago and that theres nothing wrong with using presets once or twice, i will not use presets in the future, so please stop complaining, if you dont like me using them then dont watch the video and dont hate, thank you for understanding and have a good day UwU (all hate comments that complain about me using presents will be removed) im sincerey sorry for using the presets and hope you can forgive me ╥﹏╥

•Also any mean/rude comments will be removed, if you didnt like this video then why click on it in the first place

Song Credits ~ ↓

This song is nightcore/remix
imagine dragons original believer -
nightcore believer i used in the vid -

have a good day!!!! ❤


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